The Little Book for Wild Swimmers


Author:Laura Silverman
Pages:160, Hardcover

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The Little Book for Wild Swimmers

Escape the frantic pace of the everyday, reconnect with your wild side and discover the healing power of swimming outdoors.

Nature is a balm for both the body and soul – and nothing comes close to the exhilaration of that first stroke in a lake, river or sea. Whether you’ve already taken the plunge or simply want to dip a toe in, this beautiful book is brimming with all the tips and inspiration you need to harness the invigorating benefits of wild swimming.

Within these pages you will discover:

  • Why we are drawn to water, how it can wash away stress and enhance our well-being
  • How to plan safe swims, finesse your kit bag and take the perfect underwater photo
  • A collection of colour photographs of spectacular swim spots for your dip list
  • The great outdoors is waiting for you, so get out into the fresh air, find your way back to nature and set yourself free.


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