Laminating services, framing and mounting!


Here at Geographica, we can frame the products we sell with custom framing options.  We specialise in framed nautical charts which make a fantastic wall feature for your home or office and add a maritime feel to your shack or home.  Call or visit us in store about framing options.


Laminated maps and charts are a popular option for our products.  Whether it’s a folded map to take on your bush walk, or a flat map for your wall, laminating a map will protect it from dirt and wear.

Laminated maps and charts:

  • Still fold
  • Still roll up
  • Can be written on
  • Are waterproof
  • Are tearproof!

Our laminate is a super-thin 38 micron laminate that can be folded and written on with pencil, and erased later.  So yes, you can still fold your map, and yes, you can still write on it.

A laminated Topographic Map with its Un-laminated equivalent

We laminate maps, charts, posters and other paper-based documents.

Why not laminate your favourite poster making it easier to hang and display?

Print on Demand

We print Topographic Maps on demand.

We can print on demand topographic maps Australia and worldwide – just call or email for advice.

This map below is a selection across 6 x 1:25,000 digital maps from TASMAP for the Ducane Range.  It measures 60cm square and is handy if you have an area where two or more maps join.  Just purchase the digital maps required from and we do the rest.

Map Joining

A popular choice for bushwalkers with our 1:25,000 range of topographic maps. Most series of topographic maps can be cut and joined to become the one map which, when laminated, is a great navigational resource or wall display.


We provide various mounting options for our products.  This can range from block-mounting, to our popular and affordable Tas Oak hanging battens.  These options are affordable and much more aesthetically pleasing than using tape or Blu-Tac for your map or poster.

Our Shipwreck Map of Tasmania, Laminated with Hangers