Melbourne to Hobart Race Charts

The following paper charts must be carried by those competitors who do not have access to Official Electronic charts:

AUS 144 The Rip
AUS 487 Bass Strait
AUS 789 King Island
AUS 177 Approaches to Macquarie Harbour

Additional paper charts showing the full length of the course from Port Phillip to
Storm Bay at a scale of 1:300,000 or less.

Currently available charts meeting this
requirement are:

AUS 790 Stokes Point to Rocky Cape
AUS 791 West Point to Granville Harbour
AUS 792 Trial Harbour to Low Rocky Point
AUS 793 Low Rocky Point to South West Cape
AUS 794 South West Cape to South East Cape
AUS 795 South Cape to Storm Bay
AUS 796 Tasman Head to Cape Frederick Hendrick