Gastro Obscura


Authors: Cecily Wong & Dylan Thuras
Pages: 448, Hardcover
Published: Sept 2021

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Gastro Obscura

Gastro Obscura is an unputdownable guide that marries our endless appetite for travel with our insatiable interest in food. Continent by continent, country by country, Gastro Obscura radically expands our sense of wonder about the world – in this case, what humans eat and drink, which turns out to be far more marvellous than we could ever imagine.

Discover English bog butter. ‘Threads of God’ pasta (only three women know how to make it). The best black bean fritter restaurant in Brazil. The world’s largest floating restaurant. A croissant museum in Poland.

Focusing as much on food’s place in our lives as well as our bellies, the book covers:

  • History – the network of ancient Roman fish sauce factories.
  • Culture – picture four million women gathering to make rice pudding.
  • Travel – scale China’s Mount Hua to reach a sacred tea house.
  • Festivals – chase a wheel of double Gloucester at Britain’s annual Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling competition.

And such truly surprising delicacies as sturgeon spinal cord, blood tofu, stinkbug tacos, and more.


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