The Weather Book


Author:Diana Craig
Pages:192, Paperback

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The Weather Book

From exhilarating electrical storms to everyday drizzle, The Weather Book is the perfect entertaining guide to our favourite topic of small talk: the weather.

Our moods are affected by it; our plans are ruined by it; our conversations undoubtedly cover it – the weather is integral to our everyday lives. But while we groan at clouds obscuring the sun, rejoice when the rain stops, and gasp at loud cracks of thunder, for many of us the systems behind these weather patterns are a complete mystery.

The Weather Book breaks down all manner of meteorological phenomena with handy diagrams and explanations in simple layman’s terms. From electrical storms and cyclones to the everyday drizzle, and including fascinating anecdotes of weather at its most extreme, this is a practical and engaging guide to understanding all things meteorological.

If you’ve ever wondered which old wives tales you can actually trust (does lightning really only strike once?) or wondered if there is any truth to the phrase ‘raining cats and dogs’ (in reality it’s more likely to be raining frogs), this book will answer all your weather related queries and teach you more about this endlessly fascinating topic.


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