Map Reading Guide


Publisher: Geoscience
Published: 4th Edition 2016
Format: Booklet

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Map Reading Guide

Learn to read maps with The Map Reading Guide, an ideal resource for a wide range of map users and an excellent and simple introduction to topographic maps. This guide is suitable for anyone with an interest in maps and comes with a free roamer!


  • topographic map explanations
  • Steps on how to read topographic maps, including explanations of map scale and how to use a map scale to calculate distance
  • The differences between grid north, true north and magnetic north
  • An explanation of projections and symbols used on topographic maps
  • How hills and mountains are shown on maps using relief shading, hypsometric tinting, and contours
  • What a datum is and why there are different datum
  • Explanations of the difference between geographic and grid coordinates
  • How to quote grid references from topographic maps
  • How to plan a successful trip using topographic maps
  • Using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers and magnetic compasses with topographic maps
  • Using a topographic map to find your current position and to set a course.
  • This product is the guide/map roamer card combination.

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