Igloo Ripples: The story of a unique fibreglass cabin


Author:Anthea Wallhead

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Igloo Ripples

Igloo Ripples is the story of these fibreglass “Igloos” used by expeditioners in Antarctica and other remote regions of the world. The book is written by Anthea Wallhead, whose husband, Malcolm Wallhead, was the original designer and manufacturer of the Igloos.

The Australian Antarctic Division nicknamed their igloo the “Apple” or “Apple Hut”, because it was “round and red and made in Tasmania”.

While Malcolm drew up his original designs in London in 1973, the first Igloo wasn’t made until 1982 (by which time Malcolm was living in Hobart, Tasmania). From 1982 to 2000, Anthea and Malcolm shared the making and business aspects of the Igloos. Since Malcolm’s death in 2000, Anthea has been the guardian of the business. 

Based on the diaries kept on every Igloo made, Igloo Ripples describes the places the Igloos were used and the diverse influences of the Igloos on Anthea and her sons’ lives.

2022 marks the fortieth year since the very first fibreglass Igloo Satellite Cabin was ordered by the Australian Antarctic Division.


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