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Discover the enchanting world of Tasmanian fungi with FungiFlip, a beautifully crafted a portable, all-weather, easy-to use reference for bushwalkers, naturalists and botanists.  This convenient field guide is designed to enhance your exploration of this diverse ecosystem.

This physical, laminated fold-out guide is the perfect companion for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and mycology enthusiasts who want a tangible resource to accompany their adventures.

Unfolding to reveal an extensive compilation of Tasmania’s remarkable fungi species, FungiFlip captures the essence of this unique region’s fungal diversity in a visually stunning and user-friendly format. Featuring vivid-colour photographs, it makes it easy for you to identify and learn about the mushrooms and fungi you encounter along your journey.

The laminated design ensures durability, protecting FungiFlip from the rigors of outdoor excursions, while its fold-out structure provides a comprehensive overview that neatly fits into your backpack.

No need for Wi-Fi or downloads—simply unfold FungiFlip and immerse yourself in the world of Tasmanian fungi, even in remote locations.

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