Australia Free 4


Publisher: Australia Free
Edition: 4th Edition 2021
Pages: 466 Hardback Spiral

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Australia Free 4

Australia Free 4 is a feature-packed, information-rich guide for free things and places to see, do and stay within Australia.

Originally the result of several years travel and research by a single author, Australia Free 4 is the latest edition of Australia’s best guide to fun travel in Australia on a budget.  Other books simply show you where to rest up or camp, while over half of Australia Free’s content is actually about making the best use of your time once you get there.

Listed with photographs are hundreds of free-access swimming spots, waterfalls and beaches, hundreds of free-to-enter museums, hundreds of free-access walks and lookouts, hundreds of free-access parks, gardens and opportunities for seeing wildlife.  This guide also includes over 1500 of the best free roadside rest areas and camping spots. 

This guide is suited for old and young travellers alike, for those on the big round-Australia tour and those looking to make the most of their budget holidays and weekends away.

Every entry is pinpointed on a map in an atlas section for each state or territory.  Previous editions have become the treasured companion of thousands of travellers who wanted to have the best time they possibly could without spending the fortune that Australian travel is often associated with.


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