The Abels Volume 2, Part A


Part A, (Sections 6 & 7)
Edition: 2nd Edition, 2022
Editor: Bill Wilkinson
Published: 2022
Format: Softcover

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Abels Volume 2

Abels Volume 2 is a comprehensive guide to Tasmanian mountains which are over 1,100m in height, and separated from other peaks by a drop of at least 150m on all sides.

They are named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who in 1642 became the first European to sight Tasmania.

Volume 2, Part A Covers Abels Sections 6 & 7.  Volume 2 Focusses on the Abels found in the South West of the State.

Volume 2, Part B available mid-2023.

See also: Abels Volume 1

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