A Game Called Birds


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A Game Called Birds

Birds is a new and original card game based on the birds of lutruwita/Tasmania. It’s a fun and often fierce game of strategy, sabotage and luck.

Each of the 72 birds in the pack has been given two values based on their ‘fighting’ ability and their ‘twitching’ value. 10 is high 1 is low. To play, use 2 birds from your flock to compete against other players and accumulate a winning score of 80 points. You use Power Birds to sabotage other players and do your best to avoid being taken out by the Musk Duck or the Laughing Kookaburra. Ultimately though, your fate will be decided by a Spinning Wedgie.

Birds is best played with 2-5 people and once learnt, game-time is 20-40 minutes.


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