117 Things You Should F*cking Know About Your World


Author: IFLScience and Paul Parsons
Pages: 256

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117 Things You Should F*cking Know About Your World

Did you know your irises are lying to you and all human eyes are actually brown? Want to know the absolute worst way to die, according to science?  Did you know that a smoking psychedelic toad milk could alleviate depression for up to four weeks? 117 THINGS YOU SHOULD F*CKING KNOW ABOUT YOUR WORLD tells you the answers to these questions and many more weird and wonderful facts about the universe.

Split into the site’s different subject areas of environment, technology, space, health and medicine, plants and animals, physics and chemistry, this is the ultimate science book. With 25 million social media followers, IFLScience is the world’s favourite source of science on the web. From missing nuclear weapons and Facebook secret files to the world’s smallest computer and why you should wrap your car keys in tinfoil, this is the book that only the world’s leading source of crazy-but-true stories could produce.


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